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Testimonials From Past Clients


We really thought that Steve was a great agent. He really stayed on top of things and went all out to find the home we were looking for. He never wasted our time by showing homes that did not fit our needs. He was always available to answer any questions that we might of had. He was there from begining to end. We really appreciated his willingness to work with us.  Thanks Steve for finding our perfect home here in Cache Valley. We love
you.--Rick and Robin Eardley, Providence, UT


Steve Krambule was very thorough in finding out exactly what we were looking for. He asked many questions, which helped us pinpoint the ideal home for us. His knowledge of the new technology in real estate helped us use our searching time more efficiently. He was prepared with many homes for us to view each day. He is very familiar the Cache Valley business area as well as the housing industry. We highly recommend him for his integrity, knowledge and thoroughness. -- Ken and Pat Merrick, North Logan, UT

Steve Krambule was wonderful to work with. He took the time to listen to what my husband and I were looking for, and he answered all of our questions. As first time home buyers, we weren't exactly sure what to expect, but he made us feel very comfortable and confident. He wasn't just a realtor, he became a friend. And even after we closed and moved in, he helped us work with our builder to get some issues resolved. We really felt that he had our bests interests at heart through the whole process. We still talk to him occasionally, even though its been 6 months since our purchase. I have recommended Steve to several of my friends, and will continue to do so. --Eric & Kathy Simmons, Providence, UT


We had our home listed for sale by owner.  Steve came by and said he might have a buyer. I figured it was just a line to try and get a listing.  I offered him a 3% finder fee, but declined to list with him.  The next day he did bring an interested family through.  They made an offer, but it was contingent on their home selling.  We accepted the offer and listed our home with Steve just in case that sale fell through.  The sale did go through and Steve was great to work with.  He honored our requests (such as having the price on the flyers) and kept in touch with us regularly.  The original family was excluded in the listing, so we only paid 3%, but Steve did all the paperwork for us as well.  He was good to work with.  I'd recommend him. –Jim & Liz Knight, Smithfield, UT


We have used Steve as a realtor a few times now and every time we are so glad we did.  He goes out of his way for us and makes sure everything is the way it should be.  We have even had car problems with him and it could have been a really bad situation. But Steve made it a really fun, positive experience.  Steve's a real honest guy, we trust him with all are dealings. – Paige & Rusty Wanner, Lewiston, UT


Steve Krambule is an AWESOME real estate agent. He really listened to what we wanted and helped us find it. He was there every step of the way and made the process less stressful. He was there to make sure we got what we wanted and got a great deal. He was amazing when we sold our house also. Steve was able to get us our asking price and sold it quickly. We couldn't have asked for a better agent and friend. So if your looking for a real estate agent that is willing to go the extra mile, Steve Krambule is your man. – Ethan & Breanne Duffel, Smithfield, UT


Matt and I worked with Steve to build our new home. He was very knowledgeable about the process. We always felt that he was looking out for our best interest. Steve would be a great resource for new comers to the area. He has knowledge of both finding a new home and building a new home. Building may be particularly appealing to new hires who are planning to move to the area and would have time to have the home built prior to their arrival. I would recommend Steve to my own family if they were looking for housing in Cache Valley. –Matt and Erica Lynn Smith, North Logan, UT


Dear West States Construction;
I have been in my new home now for a month and I want to thank you for making an enjoyable experience for me, from restructuring the plans to fit my needs, to the very last detail of the finish work. I could not have imagined it more beautiful than it is. Steve was most exceptional to work with, if there was any issue he would work through it with me even if it was just to ease my mind. I would definitely recommend you to friends and family. I love my new home! – Kathy Carson, Wellsville, UT


Steve was great and very helpful. He communicated with us on the details as we tried to figure all of the paperwork out. Overall I am very satisfied with Steve and would recommend him to family and friends. – Jaren and Ashley Tyler, Logan, UT


Steve worked very hard to help us with the sale of 2 houses and also with building a house. He was honest, dependable and alot of fun! I highly recommend him as a realtor, building consultant and friend. – Ned and Sherri Hutchison, Smithfield, UT


Steve was great to work with from start to finish. He helped us through the entire process of building our home. He is very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient. I believe that he worked very hard to get us the best deal possible. I would highly recommend him and will use him again for any future real estate transactions. – Brad Wheeler, Smithfield, UT


Steve was an excellent realtor. He responded well to our feedback on each home and future home visits reflected that. Documents were handled in a timely manner, the negation process was smooth, and the overall experience excellent.—Lucas Martin, Logan, UT


Steve was invaluable with us finding our home and that of my sister-in-law. I would use his service in a New York minute because of his attitude, his knowledge and that he went above and beyond what he needed to. If you need an excellent real estate agent, there is no question that Steve Krambule is the best! –Anita Read, Logan, UT


Steve Krambule puts his all into making sure that his clients are happy. HE works hard and is honest. He keeps in touch and makes sure his clients know what is going on. – Gretyl Dixon, Logan, UT


Steve was stellar to work with. He made the long hard tedious task of building a new home into a simple fun exciting time for us. He was always willing to meet us anywhere or answer any questions we had, and we had a lot of questions. I think one of the best things about Steve is his commitment to follow through. We received everything he promised plus more. We could not love our home more. – Ryan Lindsey, Smithfield, UT


Steve Krambule was my realtor and spent plenty of time helping me find a fabulous home for my unique situation. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and set out to find a place in the right price range that suited my needs. This took plenty of time and patience on his part. He was willing to answer many questions whenever I had them. He negotiates well on his client's behalf and moves forward quickly when time is of the essence in securing a deal. I highly recommend Steve! –Marianne Christian, Logan, UT


When we were shopping for realtors, our main criteria was someone who we felt we could really trust and rely on to do the ground work we could not do. We lived out of state at the time. Steve took really good care of us and made sure we felt comfortable with each step of the process. As they always do in real estate, bumps in the road would arise and we felt that Steve was extremely careful to answer our questions, ease our anxiety, and manage our expectation with care and integrity. We felt he did his best to return messages quickly if he was not available. One of his best qualities is always striving to end each conversation on a positive note- focusing on our successes and how best to move forward. We will and have recommended him to our family and friends. –Jennifer Matthews, North Logan, UT



Thank you so much for helping us find our apartment buildings and our son Dusty and his family a home. Dusty and his family just love the place and all the room. Just perfect for his family.  We appreciate the time you took. We were glad you were able to meet with us every time we asked, even on Saturday mornings.

Since we were from out of town, you made it very easy for us to sign paper work on the internet.  Again thank you we will be sure to look you up if we need any more homes in your area. --Ken Dirks, North Dakota


A year ago, Steve Krambule helped us find the house of our dreams. Not only did we have high expectations and odd requests, we also had ideas that kept changing. We even put an offer on a house that was accepted, but we later withdrew our offer upon further introspection. Thanks to Steve's expertise, we didn't lose any money on that offer. Steve was so very helpful every step of the way. He drove us all over the valley trying to find the perfect house. He also helped us to find fabulous and experienced people to work with for mortgages, construction bids, and so on. When we had questions, he did all the research he had to in order to educate us. He had a clear vision on what we were looking for, and he went great lengths to meet our requests. Steve is a talented, hardworking, and honest realtor. In addition, his friendly personality makes him a pleasure to work with. Unfortunately, we love our house so very much that we will probably never need his services again, but we'll be sure to recommend him all that we can! —Summer Schaefer, Benson, UT


We chose to work with Steve after asking around and not finding the right realtor. My wife and I were looking at buying a house on a limited budget. Steve showed us many different options that we wouldn't have looked at before, such as townhouses. Overall we were very pleased about every aspect of our interaction with Steve. --Seth Green, Providence, UT


We bought our first home with Steve's help. He's attentive and accurate, always willing to discuss the process, give balanced advice, and not afraid to help out when the dealing gets heated.  Whenwe had some electrical issues crop up at the last second (almost literally) with our new house deal, Steve sent several electricians in for bids. He held the deal together and ended up getting us a better price. He's your guy! – Calvin and Stacy Coopmans, Logan, UT


Steve was so awesome to work with. We felt so lost trying to figure out how to go about making an offer on the house and what was going to work the best for us and he really went above and beyond finding the best possible solutions for us. Not only that, but he had super fast turnaround and was so great at keeping us in loop. I have never dealt with a more friendly, non pushy, and super helpful realtor. Recommend Steve all the way! – Marissa and Devin Davis, Hyde Park, UT


I have worked closely with Steve Krambule for several years. Steve has done a great job. He is good at follow through and is a strong communicator. I look forward to working with Steve in the future.—Scott Galbraith, North Logan, UT


Steve was very quick to find is several homes within the price that we had determined. Once we had decided on our home he helped us get everything we needed together and walked us through the process step by step. We were first time home buyers that ran into some issues but none that he didn't have the know how to help us fix. – Brad and Alicia Samuelson, Hyrum, UT


My wife and I started looking at homes over a year ago. We first looked at town homes and that was how we met Steve. Through an offer on one house, countless showings, and over a year later, Steve stuck with us. He was always up front with us on any type of costs and told us his opinion, not the opinion we wanted to hear so we would buy a home and get out of his hair. Even after we stepped away from looking at homes for a while, he would check in on us, see where we were at, and what he could do to help us. Finally, we found the home for our family, let Steve know and off to work he went. There was never any question as to what his intentions were and no wondering as to whether or not he was fighting for us. You really couldn't find a better guy to work with. – Thomas and Gentry Broschinsky, Logan, UT


Steve was very quick to respond to any question or concerns. He answered honestly, directly, and clearly anything we wanted to know. After MULTIPLE times of providing showings, Steve remained patient and had a desire to get us the house we wanted. My mother in law met him once and decided she would use him for future assistance. I would recommend Steve to anyone. – Jesse and Megan Joseph, Logan, UT


This was my first home purchase and I was VERY nervous. Steve is very professional and knows what he is doing. He took the time to explain the steps in the process of buying a home and really helped me feel more secure with where we were headed. I was pretty picky and he sat with me one on one to determine my preferences so that he only showed me homes I was interested in. Once we had a home under contract he worked hard to get me a great price and to keep me updated on the status. I have been in my home for several months and am still very happy with my choice and with the help that I received. – Gillian Crozier, Hyde Park, UT


We appreciated him considering our needs and wants. We didn't feel pressured to buy a home we didn't like or in a price range we weren't comfortable with. Steve did a great job at searching for homes that met our criteria and was patient with us in the buying process. He was honest and upfront with us and our questions. – Lisa and Kevin Durrant, Logan, UT


I was very pleased working with Steve. He did a great job helping me find my home. He was very fun to work with made looking at homes fun yet he was still very professional. Would definitely recommend him to others!!!! – Tracy Rozanski, Lewiston, UT


We initially contacted Steve to help us find a house to purchase as an investment. He took us to several houses over several days, but we were unable to find one that fit our requirements. He then recommended we consider investing in property and showed us some beautiful lots. We made on offer on two lots which was accepted. When the time came to close, we were told that one of the two lots had actually been sold to someone else. Steve seemed as upset as we were about this mistake, and he helped us negotiate the purchase of another nearby lot we considered just as good as the original, at a great price. Overall, we are very satisfied, and would work with him again for sure.— Paul Douglass, North Logan, UT


We met Steve Krambule through the purchase of our brand new home in North Logan, UT. Steve was friendly, knowledgeable about the area, and professional. He helped us through the entire buying process, showing us multiple options, giving us his opinion on options, locations, and pricing. He went to bat for us with the builder and took care of us to get the best possible pricing and all the options we wanted for what we could afford. We grew to trust his opinion and would purchase another home with Steve in a heartbeat! – Xavier Velasquez, North Logan, UT


Steve Krambule was amazing to work with! He was very easy to get ahold of, and was on top of things throughout the whole process. He was great would definitely work with him again! – Joe and Tami Merritt, Smithfield, UT


We contacted Steve to help up sell our townhouse in Logan. Steve was very knowledgeable of what the market was doing in regards to townhouses like ours and helped to decide on a strategy to sell our house quickly. The strategy worked, and within 3 days of being on the market we received an all cash offer. We highly recommend Steve whether you are buying or selling. Thanks again Steve. – Joni McNeely, Logan, UT


Steve helped us list our townhouse for sale after we moved out-of-state. He explained the process in great detail and sent the required documents to us promptly. Within three days we received an offer, which he helped us negotiate so all parties were satisfied. Steve explained the closing process and answered our many phone calls and emails quickly and professionally. The entire process was quick and easy thanks to his expertise and advice. – Josh McNeely, Logan, UT


We were making a big move from out of state for a new job. We did not have a lot of time to find a house before the new job was to begin. Steve worked with us throughout the entire process. His website is great which made it easy to find and compare potential houses for purchase. We identified 17 houses, visiting most of them over a two day period. Furthermore, he took the time to show us around the community too! Steve answered all of our questions with a depth of knowledge and what seems like never ending patience. Given the opportunity, we would work with him again. – Kathleen and Zeke Oertle, Logan, UT


I enjoyed working with Steve. He answered my many questions and allowed me to search at my own pace. His website was great for comparing what was out there. When I wanted to see properties in person, he was flexible and worked around my schedule. Once I figured out what I liked, he got the ball rolling quickly and kept me updated on how each step in the process was going. He also referred me to a helpful lender. I would recommend Steve to my friends. – Jeanette Smoot, North Logan, UT



Professional Endorsements


Steve was very personable and made me feel very comfortable about listing my home. He was patient with me as I asked questions about the contract and has been very prompt with his service. When most Agents would be hard to reach on Saturday or evenings, he has surpassed my expectations by making himself available when it was convenient for me!!!  I would highly recommend Steve Krambule to anyone looking to buy or sell a home – Josh Barnett, Owner American Family Insurance, Logan, UT



Steve works well with everyone I have ever seen him work with. He is also a man of his word. If Steve says something it is true. Very trustworthy, dependable and genuine.—Danny Ray, President Ray Brothers Construction, Mesa, AZ


Steve and I worked together with a client of his, in the Real Estate transaction of their new home. He was very easy to work with, approachable and detailed oriented. I would recommend him for any real esate transaction whether it be buying or selling a home. Thanks Steve, you're great!! – Carrie Hunter, Platinum Real Estate, Logan, UT


One of the things that impresses me most about Steve Krambule is the way he looks out for the best interest of his clients, even at the expense of his own personal gain. Steve genuinely cares about people and works hard to make sure their needs are met. He is also very thorough and detail oriented, and relentless in his follow-up. He is truly what you would look for in a client advocate. – Gifford Baugh, Branch Manager at Advanced Title, Logan, UT


I have worked with Steve in the real estate industry. He has always maintained a high level of professionalism and has done a thorough job for his customers. I can and will recommend Steve as a very effective real estate agent. – Jim Hickman, President at Hickman Land Title Company, Logan, UT


Steve is a detail-oriented Real Estate agent serving the needs of the Logan Utah Area consumer. Steve has great communication skills and is able to help sell real estate by marketing properties with web based tools and marketing plans. He is available when you call and will help with all of your Logan and Cache Valley Real Estate related needs. --Robert Bolar, Professional Realtor at Coldwell Banker, Ogden, UT


Mr. Krambule was an asset and a joy to work with at Koskan Real Estate. He came on to the team as a rookie agent and excelled in the business of real estate. Marketing, building relationships and new construction became his areas of expertise…quickly. He is accountable, genuine and most of all…fun to work with. He is an independent contractor now and I always look forward to working cooperatively with him – Carolyn Koskan, Owner Koskan Real Estate, Logan, UT



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